But how do we move forward?

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Since last week’s election, my column’s mailbox has been flooded with reader’s reactions. Many are devastated, “How can this have happened in America?” Others are elated, “Finally, it’s our turn. We didn’t take to the streets after we lost. People need to get over it and move on.” But how do we move forward? Perhaps my personal situation might help …

Version 2

Happy 90th Birthday, Mom!

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Today is my incredible mother’s 90th birthday! While some physical issues could be easier for her, she is mentally quite sharp. She pays close attention to the current political circus, loves to stay up to date on world events, and has maintained a wonderful sense of humor. She is beloved by friends and family and holds a very special place …


It’s showtime!

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It’s showtime! Those Fascinating Fifties, a lively musical review that explores and celebrates the 1950s, is happening this weekend, Feb. 12 and 13 at the Eureka Woman’s Center. Through captivating stories (performed by the likes of Jeff DeMark, among others,) familiar rock ‘n roll, and nostalgic memories, this show promises to entertain and transport you to days gone by. Best …


2016 Off and running!

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It’s a new year and I seem to have hit the deck running. (As long as my back holds out, right?) While I am a little overwhelmed at times, I’m enjoying myself immensely. With two big projects in the works (more on those in a minute) I’m engaged, challenged, excited, and okay … a little bit tired. (I took a …


Not too old to take a risk!

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When was the last time you did something that kind of knocked your socks off? I had that experience recently and not just once but twice. Lucky me, right? And it wasn’t even something I saw coming, which made me appreciate it even more. Last week we held two audition sessions for Humboldt Light Opera Company’s new Boomer+ Troupe. I …

Home alone ...

Home alone … at night

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Dear Tracey, My husband died six months ago. It’s been awful. I hate living alone but at least I have our dog. She is great company. I can get through the days. It’s the nights that are bad, mostly because I am so frightened to be living alone. For fifty years I had my husband by my side. Now, every …


Take a risk!

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The last couple of weeks, the subjects of this column seemed to hit a nerve for many of you. While some readers let me know they’d had positive experiences with the topics I was addressing, others had quite different reactions. After I responded to a woman who was interested in, but leery of computers, I heard from the ‘you’ll never …

When I'm 64

When I’m 64 Columns

It finally happened last week. The words of a Beatles song became my official anthem. I turned 64. The McCartney/Lennon song, “When I’m 64”  first made its way onto the charts in 1967 when I was a high school sophomore. Like everyone else I knew, I was trying to navigate my way through adolescence. Defined by a culture that wanted …

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Age Discrimination: Part 2

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Simply put, discrimination is about one individual judging another based on nothing more than ignorance and prejudice, not individual merit. No matter what form  discrimination takes, it is always a distasteful and illegal practice. Age discrimination in the workplace is no exception. And sadly, this unjust practice is on the rise. In last week’s post, I addressed the subtleties of …

Yard Sea Serpent

Age Discrimination: Part 1

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Dear Tracey, Please address age discrimination, particularly employment discrimination for “elder ” workers. Shine some light on this issue. Thank you, KC Dear KC, Gladly! Thank you for bringing up this significant, though often ignored, topic that is unfortunately far too common. Age discrimination in the workplace is one of those dirty little secrets that exist and is sadly on …