On the road again …

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  And … we’re off! The cross-country road trip we have been planning for the last six months has officially begun.  The last time we did this we were in our late twenties. My husband built a simple camper shell for our little Datsun truck, we threw in our very basic camping gear and headed for the Florida Keys. It …


Fun ways to exercise your brain!

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Dear Tracey, My friend and I are having a cordial little disagreement and maybe you can help us sort it out. We always hear about the importance of “exercising” our brains. (We are 75 and 76 years old.) She’s enrolled in a foreign language class, saying that’s the best kind of brain exercise and that my crossword puzzles won’t do …


The power of a positive attitude

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In high school my brother had a basketball coach who insisted that success was all about ‘attitude.’ But behind that poor man’s back, we teenagers mocked him, believing he was full of hooey. Oh, we thought we were so smart. But in hindsight, that man was ahead of his time. I’ve come to believe that a positive attitude can really …

Version 2

Trust me … I’m old enough to know how to live my life!

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By golly, I believe I’ve it the wall! Quite simply, I am tired of our culture trying to tell those of us in the second half  what we should or should not be doing, wearing, thinking, and believing. My apologies, I know I’ve complained about this before. I won’t hold it against you if you opt out of this week’s …


Thank you!

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Typically, I don’t begin a story by revealing a happy ending. But this time, I’m making an exception. My dear husband is absolutely fine! This, after facing threatening medical conditions, being airlifted to a hospital in the dead of night, a 10-day hospitalization, and too many sleepless nights to count. Whew. But while our attention focused on nothing but his …


39 and counting!

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On July 2, 1977, my husband and I stood at the top of these stairs and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together. So far, so good! We’ve recently made our way through a terrifying medical emergency and it served to remind us, yet again, about the value of a loving partnership. We are so grateful for each …

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Performing in the Second Half!

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It’s not every day that a dream becomes a reality but every once in awhile the stars fall into alignment and magic happens. I think this just may be the case regarding Humboldt Light Opera Company’s new Boomer+ Troupe, a performing arts ensemble for those of us over fifty. Theatrical programs for older Americans are popping up all over the …

Blue Jeans Sewing Project

Good News

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Here’s a young man who is taking his generosity to the streets … or should I say, the sidewalks? Once a month, San Francisco artist Michael Swaine positions his vintage, foot pedal sewing machine on the sidewalk in some of his city’s neediest neighborhoods. Then he spends the day repairing the clothes of the homeless, offering “all-day free mending, friendship, …

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Ask Tracey

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Q: My friend is still very upset about how the last national election turned out. He brings it up all of the time, complaining about how much better things would be if his party had won instead of mine. I am tired of it but haven’t said anything. What do I do? A: Speak up! Your friend will continue to …