How Tracey Became a Coach

About ten years ago, after many years as a psychotherapist, it was very clear to me that our culture had taken a shift. People were more informed and educated about their inner workings. Often, they were well read and many had taken full advantage of all that counseling can offer. They were motivated, ready to get on with their lives, and in search of tools and resources that would help them meet their goals.

But I also recognized that I had taken a shift. My nest was empty (most of the time!) which allowed me to re-discover the freedom of my pre-childrearing years. I was full of energy and creativity. Most of all? I was absolutely fascinated by how aging was being re-invented right before my very eyes.

When I put my professional and personal observations together, the direction I would take was clear. I enthusiastically transitioned my practice from psychotherapy to coaching. For the last ten years, I have thrown myself into coaching others who are wrestling with the unique issues middle age presents.

These days, life after fifty is a new phase for many of us, so new in fact, that it doesn’t come with any real directions. Let’s work together to discover exactly where you want to be headed and how to get there!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a true partnership between client and coach. Its primary focus? Positive change! A solution based process, client goals are identified and barriers overcome. A client’s experiences and life skills are both respected and utilized. In a supportive and pro-active environment, coaching combines education, tools, resources, and support to promote lasting change.

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Why Work With a Coach?

Those of us in midlife are well aware of the many life experiences we’ve navigated. With years of problem solving to our credit, we are full of valuable lifeskills.

Yet in spite of our awareness and resolve, sometimes we get stuck.

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Tracey’s Coaching Method

Coaching sessions are held either in person, by phone, on Skype or Google Hangout. The first session is 90 minutes, while subsequent sessions are 30-50 minutes. “Homework” is assigned at the end of each session. To clarify issues or to get support, one brief email per week is included as part of the coaching process.

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