Tracey’s Coaching Method

Coaching sessions are held either in person, by phone, on Skype or Google Hangout. The first session is 90 minutes, while subsequent sessions are 30-50 minutes. “Homework” is assigned at the end of each session. To clarify issues or to get support, one brief email per week is included as part of the coaching process.

Tracey works with each client to determine the best possible approach for his/her particular situation. Typically, her clients make an initial 1-3 month weekly commitment to the coaching process. (Continuity produces greater success!) Fees are based on a sliding scale which is determined by your net monthly income and the number of dependents you have. Fees range from $80 to $125 for a 50 minute session. (Longer and shorter sessions are pro-rated.)

After so many years working with people, Tracey feels strongly that your success is, in part, determined by how comfortable you are with your coach. With this in mind, she invites you to contact her for a complimentary, no obligation consultation. If you two connect, great! But what if the fit just doesn’t feel right? It happens. The most important thing is that you find a coach you can trust and be absolutely comfortable working with.

If you’d like additional information or if you would like to set up an initial conversation, you may connect with Tracey by emailing: