What is Coaching?

Coaching is a true partnership between client and coach. Its primary focus? Positive change! A solution based process, client goals are identified and barriers overcome. A client’s experiences and life skills are both respected and utilized. In a supportive and pro-active environment, coaching combines education, tools, resources, and support to promote lasting change.

As your coach Tracey will:

  • Focus on what you want and how you can get it.
  • Offer expertise, encouragement, and support.
  • Explore, without judgement, all of your possibilities and opportunities.
  • Work with you to identify and clarify appropriate goals.
  • Respectfully challenge your perceptions if they are preventing you from reaching your goals.
  • Help you identify and overcome barriers, such as thoughts and behaviors that are hindering your success.
  • Identify appropriate strategies and solutions that promote lasting change. (You may be surprised by the talents, skills, and resources you already have!)
  • Hold you accountable for your words and actions
  • Believe in you and your abilities.
  • Celebrate your successes!